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Our state-of-the-art technology identifies homeowners needing help, properties in distress, and emergencies in progress and connects the assisting party with the party in need. Additionally, our expert team is available 24/7 to consult, send out our own teams, and provide support!

Restoration Technology

Resto-Leads has built a state of the art immediate sourcing technology. We help homeowners and properties in need connect immediately with restoration companies who can provide assistance near them. Join our restoration network!

Restoration Services

We cover EVERYTHING: Fires, Floods, Trauma, Asbestos, Mold, Chemicals, Collapses. No matter what your emergency is we will be there. No matter the size or scope of our knowledgeable team of certified technicians will act professionally and proactively to clean existing damage and ensure future damage from occurring.

storm damage cleanup

Our property damage division caters to all aspects of disaster restoration. Powerful storms will often flood basements and lower level rooms requiring quick and professional cleanup to prevent after affects from setting in.

sewage cleanup

Ensuring meticulous quality control, prompt sewage extraction, and immediate leakage repair let us come to your rescue when sewage damage removal comes knocking. Resto leads services residential and commercial properties using strict protocols to ensure your property and surroundings are 100% clean, sanitized, and free of contamination.

burst pipes

Leaking or burst pipes? Need to stop the damage fast? Rely on our experts for 24/7 availability, years of experience, and a committment to our promise to the customer. We will ensure, through our years of experience, that the job is performed properly the first time so you never have to worry about fixing it a second time.


With Properties Needing Restoration


With Properties Needing Restoration

Resto Lead’s comprehensive project management and disaster recovery services are the first step in a successful undertaking. You can feel confident that the assistance we provide will have you back on solid ground.

After Death Cleanup

The effects of unattended deaths are very powerful to surroundings in a short period of time. Removal and sanitation performed by professionals is essential to ensure there is no risk of additional harm to those unprepared.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Our proffessional and certified technicians are on call when a delicate hand is needed to properly clean and dispose of crime scene remnants. In the aftermath of a crime, the traumatic nature of the scene may be difficult to handle on your own, and we will take the lead so you can focus on recovery.

BioHazard Removal and Decontamination

With over 20 years of experience in in Biohazard and toxic waste removal our professionally certified technicians will handle any accident or disaster with the urgency and detail required. Employing strict quality control to decontaminate, clean, and sanitize a scene with all proper protocols and precautions followed.

Hoarding Cleanup

We clean, bag, and transfer any and all items in a safe and secure manner to ensure highest quality cleanup of sites which risk the publics health and safety.

Additional Services


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You can feel confident that the assistance we provide will have you back on solid ground.

“Simply amazing! Arrived quickly and was able to answer all our questions. Extremely professional and clean. Great people overall.”
Olivia Moretti

“The team is kind, efficient and thorough. They demonstrated attention to detail in noting all areas of damage, and left my home very clean. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Katherine O'Sullivan

“I needed assistance on a Sunday ASAP and they delivered promptly. I would suggest them to anyone who needs assistance.”
John Stevenson